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is the soundtrack to the first Degrassi movie in well over a decade!

The soundtrack features 4 original songs from the film, including 2 songs from Degrassi’s own Cassie Steele and a new song from everybody’s favorite Degrassi rock star, Jake Epstein.

DEGRASSI GOES HOLLYWOOD : MUSIC FROM THE ORIGINAL MOVIE!So although most of the songs are sung by Jude on the show, on the album they are covered by other artists. Look, I went into this knowing I was No.2, but I thought maybe some day I'd be No.1. Her producer Tommy Q (Tim) is 21 and has feelings toward Jude which he ignores knowing her age.For example Kyle Riabko, who played Milo in season 4, sings "Live Like Music" on the album while Jude performs it on the show. Jude also likes Tommy but despite her attempts, he reminds her she's too young.Instead, Kyte recorded the two songs and they were put on the soundtrack.The two songs are "Unraveling" and "Worth Waiting For".