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In the Prologue, he wears a brown plaid shirt and a pair of jeans.

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The contestants weigh in again in front of their families and then Alison Sweeney magically appears on the scale and informs the contestants that surprise, surprise, there will be an annual ritual for the contestants. As the contestants use different methods to prepare for the Marathon we see each and every struggle that being away from the ranch can bring.

Barrister Jeffrey Chapman QC, who is leading Mr Blue's legal team, told the judge Mr Ashley's business practices flew in the face of "business orthodoxy".

He said Mr Blue referred to Mr Ashley lying underneath tables at "boring" meetings and "playing a game of spoof" to decide who paid an investment bank's fees.

(totalling £750,000) and lavishly entertaining Sports Direct's non-executive directors." Mr Chapman said the judge would have to consider the relevance of the fact that the discussion took place in a pub.

He added: "Mr Ashley is not an ordinary businessman, does not conduct business in an orthodox way or in business-like environments." Mr Blue told the judge, in a written witness statement, how he had been a frequent visitor to Sports Direct's head office in Shirebrook, Derbyshire.