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So much so, that Annelie Hartmann had to do something about it. Hartmann waited until the last of her fellow students had finished taking photos with Dr.

Eva Olsson, who had just finished a gut-wrenching tale of suffering inflicted by Nazis fueled by hate.

With over 100 attendees, Boston Speed Dating offered a fun night of giggling with girlfriends or goofing off with the guys, with a side of speedy chats with potential matches last Thursday at BU’s Hillel House.

As was quickly apparent during the evening, most daters’ hopes were set on having a fun night at Hillel rather than meeting a future Jewish hubby or wifey.

Lawrence High School exchange student felt the "despair" that a Holocaust survivor talked about during a presentation on Monday.

Lawrence High School German exchange student Annelie Hartmann on Monday after Hartmann apologized on her country's behalf for Olsson's suffering A German St.

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