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We offer product life cycle management via managing strict revision control at the component and firmware level, with early product and engineering change notifications.We offer both standard availability and spare part availability, along with End-Of-Life Management.

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Internal age precisions for the method are anticipated to range from 0.1% for Precambrian rocks to 3–7% for Phanerozoic rocks.

Micropaleontology is the study of microscopic fossils.

It is the largest discipline in paleontology, just as microfossils are by far the most abundant of all fossils.

In addition to “benching” and “breadcrumbing,” there is new and insufferable relationship term you can add to your arsenal of obnoxious relationship habits: “cushioning.” I know what you’re thinking, and no — “cushioning” does not involve hooking up on an especially squishy couch, or incorporating a pillow into any of your sexual practices.

In actuality, “cushioning” is basically akin to pre-cheating on someone.