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The internet and technology have totally changed sex and relationships, we know you — you adults, anyway, this column is not for children! In order to answer them, we've asked our friend Stoya — a professional sex-haver — to field any inquiries. My girlfriend (3 months) and I just broke up because I wouldn’t let her read text messages between a female friend of mine and me.I’d like to get your take on whether and when a person should be entitled to view the private communications of his or her significant other.

Hines, sex educator, and founder of Funky Brown, says they can be the cure for a sex life that’s gone stale. “Especially in long-term relationships, sex can begin to feel routine. Discussing what's on the table when it comes to sex helps clarify boundaries." Discuss Your Sexual History and Future Plans Remember in high school sex ed class when your teacher warned that when you have sex with someone, you’re having sex with everyone they’ve ever had sex with?If she loves you then this means that she will have no problem letting a person know that she loves you so use this trick below: -Have one of your close friends beside you -Send a text acting like your friend asking "Hi, do you love my buddy (your name) -She will probably reply asking why is he texting from your phone or where you are.So simply reply that "he (you) is in the bathroom and I just want to know if you do cause he is crazy about you" -Here she will either say that she does or say no which is not an expression of true love Also, it is important that you really have you friend near cause she might call which can validate that he is using your phone which will cause her to yet again have to answer the question about if she loves you or not.This article will teach you how to write a message for your partner without being accusatory, cold or offensive.Now, to start with, you should set the tone for how you want to convey the message.