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Under that rule of thumb provided in the EIS we can consider that the first 10d B of the 21d B is perceived as a doubling of the loudness from the F-16 level.The second 10d B of the 21d B is perceived as a doubling from that doubling, or four times louder than the F-16. So we can say “according to the numbers given in the Air Force EIS, the F-35 has a maximum loudness that is more than 4 times louder than maximum loudness of the F-16.” For those also interested in sound intensity, the numerical difference between the F-16 and F-35 is much greater.Friday, July 12th, 2013 Winooski VT Burlington Free Press journalist, Joel Banner Baird, reports from tonights Winooski City Council meeting that, “The Winooski City Council voted 5-0 Friday evening to ask the Air Force to remove the South Burlington airport from its first-round list to base a fleet of F-35 fighter jets.

Goal of action: Attempt to correct the import/export solar panel imbalance.

A group of medical professionals said they’re “bad for our children’s health.” And the Vermont Air Guard said they’re “the right fit” for Vermont.

Sound level, sound intensity, and loudness are explained in the Air Force draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

In 2014 Solar World amended its original petition to include cells imported from Taiwan. Despite renewed high anxiety in the US over potential price increases, prices did not increase significantly.

Ask your friends and family, whether they live in Vermont or not, to support you in opposing this proposed basing and to send in their comments.