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Download the 3 demo pages and the template file now, and follow along with the tutorial.

If you're like me, you try to maintain a consistent look and feel when designing a web site.

DWT files - One for your Home Page Layout and One for all of your inner pages.

Create a total of 5 webpages on any topic of your choice, using your DWT files.

Make sure you have set regions on your pages called Editable Regions.

The html (no spaces in your page names) pages should have editable regions in which whoever access these pages, they can only edit the places you mark as editable.

Similarly, if the database version is newer than the file, or a file does not exist, then the file will be written from the information in the database.

Sites under the Multiple Site Manager have their own preferences for saving templates as text files.

Dreamweaver, Coda, BBEdit, etc.) to edit Templates and then FTP the changes to the server.

Some web designers handcraft their sites with loving care, changing layouts, colors, fonts, banners, and navigation page by page.

But that approach isn't always practical—or desirable. Web pages that look and act similarly reassure visitors; they can concentrate on each page's unique content when the navigation bar and left sidebar stay the same.

But even more important, a handcrafted approach to web design is often unrealistic when you need to crank out content on a deadline.

This excerpt is from Dreamweaver CS5: The Missing Manual.