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So, please keep reading my books, and i hope you enjoy my work. I am working on a book called ' The Ultimate Dating Diary', which contains dating tips and other stuff like that. I am also working on ' Atlantis the Awakening', which is a sequel to my first book.

I aim to be one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time, but for that i will need your help.

About a year and a half ago, my roommate at the time and I decided to embark on a dating challenge.

We’d been in a bit of a dating funk, and we both hated the idea of first dates, so we figured it was time to take a giant step outside of our comfort zone.

It's a must read for any man who's looking to ease the transition from an old life to a new one.

When a man says that he fell in love with you for you and he doesn't want to change a thing (both the good and the bad) about you, you know that he’s a keeper.

Every one has a habit of trying to change something about the other so the fact that Mark (that’s her boyfriend, sorry folks!

But if you discover that you've been engaged in a relationship with a sociopath, chances are you'll never see it coming and you won't know you've been had until you're left high and dry.

Sociopaths are master con artists and if you've had a relationship with one it's like crossing paths with a destructive typhoon that leaves you feeling crushed, angry and bewildered.