Validating sgml parser

An SGML conformant document has a number of parts, not all of which have been discussed in this chapter, and many of which the user of these Guidelines may safely ignore.

For completeness, the following summary of how the parts are inter-related may however be found useful.

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Like the SGML declaration it may be held in the form of compiled tables within the SGML processor, or associated with it in some way which is invisible to the user, or requires only that the name of the document type be specified before the document is validated.Optionally one can also use xmerl as a validating parser, (validate according to referenced DTD and validating constraints).By means of for example the xmerl_xs module it is possible to transform the parsed result to other formats, e.g. This document does not give an introduction to XML.It is also possible to do further processing of parsed XML with xmerl.If you want to change format of the XML document to for instance HTML, text or other XML format you can transform it.