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(This is why some of the numbers are from 2012-2013, even though this is the report on 20).1.The news industry still hasn't achieved anything that resembles gender equality.

Some of czech girls waiting for gentleman with whom they will spend romantic moments.It took 15 days to end the mighty 20-year reign of Roger Ailes at Fox News, one of the most storied runs in media and political history.Ailes built not just a conservative cable news channel but something like a fourth branch of government; a propaganda arm for the GOP; an organization that determined Republican presidential candidates, sold wars, and decided the issues of the day for 2 million viewers.If you’re singing and writing good songs, I don’t care what gender you are or if you’re trans -- if it’s a great song, it should be played.I’ve been asked to change lyrics, among other things, and I refuse to compromise.