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June 25, 2017 Update Mod 11.5 has dropped and there aren’t very many exciting changes to take note of.In my previous update, I had advocated taking a look into the updated masterwork armors.Release date: July 14, 2017 Genre: Stealth, puzzle What is it? What to look out for: What if Hotline Miami weren't an unhinged gore fest nestled snug in the garish neon and synth of the 1980s?What if it was a more patient but equally grisly '70s puzzle game about a dude in aviators cleaning up murder scenes? On entering nasty scenes of foul play at camp grounds of newspaper bullpens, you have to assess how many bodies need to be disposed of, what murder weapons need to disappear and how much blood needs to be vacuumed up.Some of the people Chloe ends up gravitating towards don't look like an especially good influence, so it looks like there might be plenty of dubious choices thrown your way as you step into the teen's shoes.

If you don't hear the two tones after some time, power off and try again. Once the console has fully restarted, you may remove the USB stick.

So not making you wait anymore, here’s how you can easily play Pokemon Go latest on existing Nox App Player version. 😮 I can understand the excitement you got to play Pokemon Go on PC on Nox App Player but you just can’t get the solution to update the game to 0.69.0 on Nox version. Sensing the need of an hour, we have (with the help of an avid gamer) listed a simple guide to make sure that the latest version of Pokemon Go working on Nox App Player. Step 3: Now in the place of Manufacturer, write Samsung instead of bignox, in the model option, write Note 5 (try with or without spacing like Note5) and then enter your phone number to generate IMEI. Just see the below given image to know more about the change in the settings of Nox App Player! Step 6: Let the download get done, wait for few seconds Step 7: Open the download section from the notifications bar in your Nox App Player Step 8: Click on the Pokemon Go app which you downloaded just before, install it and enjoy!

So this is how you can play Pokemon Go 0.69.0 game on your Nox App Player.

In order to achieve 100% Crit, I think you will need to be at least 13k IL.

However, lower IL players can easily reach 80-90% by following this guide.